Social media marketing guidelines for NGOs to engage users on Instagram

Fanny Hammarlund

Small NGOs with less than 10.000 followers compete with other users with more followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. What are the most efficient strategies for creating engaging content and capturing people’s attention? This study used Kompis Sverige, a small NGO without professional knowledge and extensive financial resources for social media marketing, as a case. Based on analyses of the social media challenges for Kompis Sverige and on a focus group with users, the study resulted in a guide for social media marketing for the NGO. The guide suggests that to engage users through social media marketing on Instagram, the sender should focus on content, context, and emotions.
The digital guide, the final prototype of my thesis, have been uploaded on Vass Kommunikations blog. Vass Kommunikation is a communication agency based in Stockholm. The blog won “one of Swedens best business blogs” 2017.


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