Doing digital football fandom: A study on the digital displacement of fan culture

Angelos Rouchotas

Last year’s Champions League final had been a point of inspiration for me. At that time I was working as a journalist at a sports newspaper at Athens, so I was really into covering the match in the best possible way. Although a Greek team was not taking part in the final (of course), you could tell that the anticipation for the match was huge amongst Greek football fans. The reason was simple: Liverpool FC. The Reds are one of the most popular foreign clubs in Greece, arguably the one with the biggest fan base. The online Greek Liverpool community was ready to explode. They didn’t have to wait long. Only in the second minute an Egyptian nicknamed ‘king’ converted a penalty and a Belgian with Kenyan roots sealed the triumph later on. The celebrations had already started at the newspaper’s offices. The majority were supporting Liverpool but there were also people who “could not bear the deluded Greek fans celebrating on Facebook” -in their words. A European final which was taking place in Madrid, between two English sides, decided by the goals of two players from entirely different parts of the world and celebrated by scattered fans all over the world.

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