Popularizing Implants

Popularizing Implants

Mikael Ericsson Duffy

Popularizing Implants: Exploring conditions for eliciting user adoption of digital implants through developers, enthusiasts and users was my master thesis / project in the M.Sc program “Media Technology: Strategic Media Development”. Digital implants have become a new frontier for body hackers, technology enthusiasts and disruptive innovation developers, who now seek to service this technology for themselves and to new users. This thesis has explored conditions for future user adoption of human body augmentation with digital implants. The conditions explored were mainly self-beneficial health optimization through technology, self-quantification or convenience scenarios. Using research through design methods were used to gain results. The process consisted of quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis, using interviews and surveys and iterative prototyping with evaluation phases. Below you can see some examples of the project including selected material from the Invision interactive wireframe, application screens and the Service Design blueprint of the project.

Read and explore more on: https://www.duffyfilm.com/populirizing-implants/

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