Digitalisation at Museums

Digitalisation at Museums

Hassan Taher

Museums are more than ever having to turn to digital tools in their fight of maintaining a connection to their visitors. Both Covid-19 and general developments in society has given the museums an ultimatum, to start interacting digitally and to bring new museum experiences to the visitors’ home. To reach his reality museums have to engage more broadly with their visitors on social media, they need to know how to advertise their business based on current ways of social media advertising. By using these digital tools and successfully marketing itself, the museums can also build online and physical communities much easier.

This project has delved into both the community aspect and the social media aspect of museums.
The community aspect of this project is tackled by proposing “museum playtests” where community members can sign up to playtest workshops where they get to contribute to work in progress exhibitions. These playtests are initially held digitally via Google Jamboard but can in the future be adapted into physical playtests at the museum.
The social media aspect is tackled by proposing the usage of additional services that tie into social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. By using these services, the experience of social media engagement can be enhanced beyond what the native tools of these social media platforms deliver.

To read the thesis head on over to: Malmö University Diva Portal
To learn more about the final prototypes of this project and to see a proof of concept head on over to:

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