Flavio Camardella

In 2016, 30 million university students in the European Union obtained their tertiary degree, but over 3 million young scholars that were to university had left their studies, according to a Eurostat survey. The university student dropout is a serious issue because young people will not have enough professional qualifications and they will risk a major probability of unemployment, poverty, and social discrimination. At the base of this relevant phenomenon of early abandonment,
there is a lack of motivation and engagement to continue the course of study. In the age of digitalization, the gamification can have an important role to advance the overall experience of education. The main aim of this thesis is to identify the gamification mechanics that can improve the enthusiasm and commitment of university learners. Across a research design method, using structured surveys and interviews, several gamification mechanics are identified and evaluated to explore which allow students to be more motivated and engaged. Students of Media Technology from Malmö University participated in the research process and found the gamification mechanics to be useful and effective for their learning experience.

First prototype
Second prototype

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